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Immigrating from one country to another, gaining a green card or travel visa, adopting a child from another country or traveling to somewhere out of country to do humanitarian work can be very exciting, but also present a giant stack of paperwork that can intimidate even the most put together and seasoned travelers.

Navigating the paperwork in all issues dealing with immigration can sometimes be very difficult, headache inducing and a somewhat of a frustrating venture. There are often a number of hoops, sometimes even more like three or four hoops, that you are routinely required to jump through. These rules and regulations can differ from country to country, but without proper guidance can easily become a messy, twisted maze.

Hiring someone to give reliable and straightforward legal advice to help you through the extensive paperwork process, the mountains of questions and the sometime indecipherable rules and regulations can be very helpful no matter what immigration issue you are handling. Luckily there there are hundreds of thousands of immigration lawyers, immigration attorneys, immigration consultants, immigration law firms and deportation lawyers around the world that specialize in immigration legal matters and are well qualified and ready to help you through any immigration or deportation legal matter that you need to take care of.

Immigration Law is a specialized section of legal practice that deals most of the time directly with their clients and in a variety of environments. Generally immigration lawyers practice a whole selection of immigration laws demanding a sturdy knowledge of the law as well as keeping up with the ever changing nature of the law. Especially in the United States the laws pertaining to immigrants have definitely been tightened down in the last few decades making more legal hoops to jump through, more paperwork per case and an intense need for critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as being able to keep up with a different case every time. Other skills that aid immigration lawyers are bilingual skills, people skills for dealing with clients and other legal partners as well as a strong ability to network with other critical parties dealing with immigration issues.

On this website, you can search for over 20,000 immigration legal professionals in almost any country in the world and browse top immigration lawyers, top immigration attorneys and top immigration law firms that are available to help you wherever you may be specifically located.

No matter how large or small your city may be, there is a trusted and recommend immigration legal professionals to walk you through everything from the basics right through to the gritty details. Also available for your use, follow the easy to use map to help locate down to the street sign where the top recommended immigration lawyers are in your area so you don’t waste precious time having to sift through what could be pages and pages of lawyers and attorneys.

By visiting the website, you can find the top rated legal professionals in your area quickly and efficiently. Search for immigration legal aid in every category from A-Z. Immigration legal specialists handle every type of issue that involves immigration even in the slightest and are waiting to help you with your immigration case. Continue reading for a general list of issues that are commonly handled by immigration legal teams.


Thinking about adopting a child or children from a different country? In addition to being a very exciting life choice, adopting from another country can be a very complex and lengthy process. Parents are carefully selected and put through a number of processes to determine that they are suitable to parent a child. A immigration legal team can help by walking you through the processes of not only establishing that you are going to be suitable and responsible children, but also getting your child set up for legal immigration and adoption.


To immigrate and legally become a citizen in a different country other than your birth country, there are particular requirements that you have to meet that can vary greatly depending on where you plan on moving. An immigration attorney can be of assistance by helping with paperwork that is required for citizenship, help determine whether you can rightfully qualify for dual citizenship and with resolving matters that may put up roadblocks when trying to transfer citizenship.


Deportation is probably one of the issues that is the most known for needing legal assistance. Usually it is having to deal with immigrants being forced to leave the particular country they are residing in for some reason or another. Deportation legal counsel can be helpful in petitioning for a longer stay or working to gain permanent residence in a particular country, working on employment issues or even appealing a country’s ruling to deport the certain individual. Like all other legal matters, there is a large amount of paperwork involved in deportation legal matters in which lawyers can also help out in as well.


Applying for and going through the hiring for a job in a new country especially as an immigrant can be a bit difficult depending on what country you are looking to gain employment in. Immigration law attorneys can be helpful in employment matters by determining what kind of paperwork you need to have gainful employment whether it be a temporary working release or visa, a green card or if gaining citizenship is the best option for you.


Families can and often do immigrate together when relocating to another country. Speaking with your immigrant attorney can help in relocating your entire family with a minimal headache, especially when it comes to paperwork. They can help with things such as establishing whether everyone in your family qualifies to immigrate to the chosen country at one time and what other things such as petitions or other paperwork that may be needed.


The one thing that is guaranteed when you starting working on immigrating to a new country is paperwork. Part of the skill set of immigration lawyers is to decipher the form the immigrating requires and help people to fill them out, get them filed and deal with any further issues that may arise.

Green Cards

A green card is a “permit allowing a foreign national to live and work permanently in the US”. Getting a green card can be tricky and laden with loads of sometimes tricky paperwork , so it’s nice to have an attorney from an immigration law firm on hand to help out with the details. Green cards can be issued upon request for immigration or immigration based on marriage among ways. Your attorney can help you ensure that you are eligible for a green card and how to make getting a green card and make the shift towards immigrating easier.


Lawyers if anything are helpful. Because of their extensive schooling, they can offer special insight into the law that most people don’t have in depth knowledge of, making them a valuable asset to your in your legal matters. They are available to not only answer questions, but can help write out legal documents, petition for you and walk you through dealing with the legal system no matter what your case, which is especially helpful when dealing with immigration cases considering every country’s rule vary a little bit at the very least. Even if you don’t meet with your immigration lawyer regularly, many of them make themselves available by phone and are easily contacted in the case that you do have questions.


A humanitarian is technically defined as someone “concerned with or seeking to promote human welfare”. This in many cases, involves a certain individual traveling or immigrating to different section of the world to work in a country where life is possibly quite harder. Having an immigration attorney’s aid if you are planning on doing humanitarian work in a different country, for example: war-torn bosnia, can be helpful especially when determining whether immigration or what kind of work documents you would need to get there and successfully get where you need to go. Also, having someone who is a seasoned attorney with experience specific to humanitarian work can be much easier especially when it comes to dealing with certain countries that have a more difficult government or immigration process. When looking to find a lawyer to aid you in your transfer, ask lots of questions and pick someone who has a good knowledge of the rules and regulations for the specific country you are visiting.


Military families are unlike many other families in that moving every couple of years to a new state or even an entirely new country is considered normal. Immigration lawyers can be helpful in ensuring that you and your entire family are all eligible to move to a new country as well as having all of the required documents to reside there for a extended amount of time while also being able to hold jobs, live or attend school in that country.


Petitions are used often times when immigrating especially in adoptions, family immigration and deportations. Sometimes they are even a required document in some cases like adoption of a child from a different country. Drawing up a petition can be fairly simple, but if you do need help drawing it up and getting it filed without having to worry, there are immigration law lawyers can help you with all your petition needs.

Visas & Naturalization

Though the rules differ, depending on where you are, by visiting our website you can find a lawyer to aid you in applying for a foreign visas, work visa or help you gather the documents and information that you need for the naturalization for any country in the world.

If you are looking for a immigration lawyer, immigration attorney, immigration legal team, deportation lawyer, immigration legal consultant or any other legal consulting that involves aiding you in understanding, writing or walking you through the legal rules, regulations or processes surrounding immigration from one country to another, look no further.

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